Four Thieves Antibacterial Spray & Soap


4 Thieves natural antibacterial spray & organic soap is an age old recipe to fend off bacteria and viruses. Convenient combo is great to take anywhere.

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Our natural antibacterial spray and organic foaming hand soap Four Thieves is formulated from an age old recipe from France during the plague. 4 thieves were caught looting the homes of the victims and were asked what they had used to fend off the plague. A great natural antibacterial and virus defense combo.

This potent natural antibacterial spray and soap kills germs on contact and is great to take along with you for when while you are out.  Our spray is made with a base of witch hazel and infused with a blend of antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal essential oils. Our foaming soap contains the same essential oil blend.

The 4 thieves spray and soap combo is also great for those who have to wash their hands many times. Many soaps and antibacterial solutions can dry out your hands. This combo will not dry out the skin, as it is formulated to keep your skin pH balanced.

Four Thieves Spray comes in convenient 1 oz fine mist spray bottle. A blend of antibacterial and antiviral essential oils in a base of witch hazel. Our organic foaming soap ingredients are listed here and contains the same blend of Four Thieves in an 8 oz foaming bottle.

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