Itchie Owie Jewelweed Extract Spray

Jewelweed extract spray for poison ivy, itching and dermatitis type rashes. Natural anti-histamine, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal potent plant extract relieves rash

Jewelweed extract spray, a natural remedy for poison ivy, plant rashes, cuts, scrapes, insect bites, bee stings and more.  All natural, plant based jewelweed spray is perfect for your first aid kit. We put it in a convenient travel sized spray to take along with you.

We formulate this potent jewelweed extract spray to use as relief to itching and burning skin dermatitis. Our  jewelweed spray has helped countless customers find relief from poison ivy rash and bug bites. It is also known to help ease any dermatitis rash and rashes caused by allergies to calm and ease inflammation.

I can also create larger sizes of the jewelweed spray, should you want more to keep on hand. Feel free to send me a message and we can get the order started.

Spray liberally over skin rash and itchy areas for relief from the pain and itching.

Ingredients: Flowering Jewelweed plant extracted in Witch Hazel

jewelweed extract spray from plant

What is jewelweed spray?

Jewelweed, Impatiens capensis, is a flowering plant, also known as, touch me not, orange balsam and other names. Jewelweed will commonly be found growing with poison ivy and stinging nettles, along roadsides, near wetlands and woodlands in shaded areas. Jewelweed has been commonly known in American herbal use for it's treatment and relief of poison ivy dermatitis rash. It is also useful for other skin rashes, as well as, insect bites to relieve the itching, burning and inflammation. Jewelweed is known as a topical natural anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine, and anti-fungal.

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