Magnesium Oil Spray


Transdermal Magnesium Oil Spray from the Zechstein Sea Bed



It is estimated three quarters of Americans having an insufficient intake of this vital mineral. Transdermal Magnesium Oil is a simple and effective solution for correcting magnesium deficiency and related health issues.

Eight sprays of magnesium oil deliver around 100 mg of beneficial magnesium onto the skin for your body to absorb. At first, you may experience some tingling or stinging. This is normal and will decrease with continued use. Avoid using over sensitive areas and tissues.

Using magnesium oil is a quick and most convenient way to transmit magnesium chloride into the cells and tissues through the skin. 2-3 sprays under each armpit function as a highly effective deodorant, while at the same time transporting magnesium swiftly through the thin skin into the glands, lymph channels, and bloodstream, for distribution throughout the body. Spray it onto the back of the hand or the top of the feet any time of day or night for continuous magnesium absorption. Regardless of where you apply the spray on the body, once it penetrates the surface of the skin, the body transports it to whichever tissues need magnesium most.

Pain relief and muscle relaxation for people with arthritis and muscle cramping is an important and significant benefit of magnesium oil. Magnesium applied directly to the skin alleviates chronic pain, muscle cramps, and in general makes our job of opening up and softening muscles and connective tissue much easier. Magnesium is a potent vasodilator, and smooth muscle relaxant.

Magnesium Oil Also Helps With:

•Increased restful sleep

•Reduced muscle aches, pains, cramping and spasms

•Healthy skin and reduced outbreaks of eczema and psoriasis

•Better relaxation and stress management

•Increased energy levels and improved moods

•Increased athletic performance

8 oz. Fine Mist Spray Bottle.  Choose Unscented or with Lavender

Ingredients: Distilled water, Zechstein Seabed sourced magnesium chloride (and other naturally occurring trace minerals) (Lavender Essential Oil may be added for scent)


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