Lavender Sleep Mist Linen Spray

Our lavender aromatherapy sleep mist calms the nervous system to help you have better rest. Available in Lavender or Lavender & Ylang Ylang

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Our relaxing sleep lavender sleep mist linen spray is formulated to help you fall asleep and get a good night's rest.  Aromatherapy with Lavender or Lavender and YlangYlang is a great natural way to place the body and mind in a state of quiet and rest. Aromatherapy Lavender helps quiet the nervous system to calm the body and rest the thoughts. You'll fall asleep faster and rest better naturally.

Lavender sleep mist linen spray can be sprayed over the pillows and bed sheets and sprayed in the room to freshen the scent of rooms naturally.  Great for travel and sleeping in smelly hotels too!  Take it along when you travel to help you sleep in unfamiliar places.

If you need a little more help falling asleep, you can use our magnesium oil spray to boost magnesium levels, which will help your body rest better. You can have it infused with Lavender essential oil, which can essentially double the benefits of a good night's rest.
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Comes in convenient travel sized 1oz spritzer bottle.

We have a lavender or a lavender with ylang ylang formula to choose from.  Both aromatherapy formulas help you  to slow down and relax so the body and mind will shift into the relaxed, sleep state.

2 reviews for Lavender Sleep Mist Linen Spray

  1. l. S.

    works really good for relaxing and it smells wonderful

  2. Virginia Porter

    I spray this on my bed pillows to freshen. The scent stay all night. Love this product.

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