White Sage Smudge Sack

Quality, sustainable, loose White Sage for smudge use. Clear and cleanse yourself, sacred space, office or work space. Get our White Sage Smudge Sack for clearing.

White Sage Smudge Sacks to cleanse, clear or smudge spaces of discordant energy. White sage has been used for many years to cleanse energies and to clear a space, allowing the sacred to be present. Our White Sage Smudge Sacks contain high quality, sustainably grown, loose white sage.

You can use White Sage in a healing space before and after a session. Use white sage to align the chakra energy centers by allowing smoke over the body. Burn white sage during spiritual ceremony or ritual to release old energy and make everything anew. It can also be used for meditative purposes when the body and mind need to relax and let go. Great for meditation and yoga.

White sage smudge burning is also useful to cleanse your home and vehicles from smells and bacteria. Read this article to discover recent study research on benefits of burning white sage. **Burn white sage in a burn safe container. Be careful as container may become hot from burning white sage.

What is the benefit of burning white sage?

White Sage is used to cleanse and clear or smudge spaces of discordant energy. White sage has been used for many years to cleanse energy and to clear a space for allowing the sacred to be present. It is also great for meditation to calm the body and mind. Many people use white sage to cleanse a home or office space, which creates a feeling of newness or fresh start.

What does burning sage do?

Burning sage, also known as smudging, is a ritual that can be performed to cleanse a person, place or thing of any negative or discordant energy or influences. Burning white sage has its roots in Native American tradition. Burning sage is great if stress or anxiety is present. It can help calm and relax the mind and body and is wonderful just before yoga or meditative practices. You may also add other dried herbs with white sage, such as lavender buds or other aromatic botanicals to enhance the scent of burning white sage. White sage comes in bundles that can be burned or you can get loose white sage. Loose white sage can be easier to manage and less wasteful, placed in a fire safe container, such as pottery or a shell. Be careful handling the containers, as they may get too hot to touch.

What are some other uses for white sage?

White sage can be used to clear away unwanted smells in your home, office or even your vehicle. White sage is antibacterial and antimicrobial, which means it will assist to clear away airborne bacteria and reduce bad smells. In addition to purifying the air, white sage is also known to help people sleep better. Who wouldn't enjoy better and more restful sleep? Burning white sage also keeps the insects away. So, the next time you are enjoying time outside, take some sage to burn and enjoy relaxing without all of those pesky bugs.

When is a good time to smudge or burn sage


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