White Sage Smudge Sack


Quality, sustainable, loose White Sage for smudge use. Clear and cleanse yourself, sacred space, office or work space


White Sage Smudge Sacks to cleanse and clear or smudge spaces of discordant energy. White sage has been used for many years to cleanse energy and to clear a space for allowing the sacred to be present. Our White Sage Smudge Sacks contain high quality, sustainably grown, loose white sage.

You can use this in a healing space before and after a session, use it to align the chakra energy centers by allowing smoke over the body, use it during spiritual ceremony or ritual to release old energy and make everything anew, use it for meditative purposes when the body and mind need to relax and let go. Great for meditation and yoga.

White sage burning is also useful to cleanse your home and vehicles from smells and bacteria. Read this article to discover recent study research on benefits of burning white sage.

**Burn white sage in a burn safe container. Be careful as container may become hot from burning white sage.


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